Camps Bay and Self-Catering

There are lots of exciting activities for people to enjoy in Camps Bay. It’s a gorgeous coastal area, and some people will want to spend all of their time at the beach. Camps Bay has a lot of inherent benefits as a tourist attraction. Some people want to avoid visiting really big cities, since there will be more traffic there. They might want to visit an area that tends to be less crowded than some urban areas.

Camps Bay is actually a suburban area, so it won’t be as congested as some of the urban areas that people will visit all around the world. However, it’s a suburban area that is full of travelers and residents. It has a lot for everyone. There are also lots of self catering facilities there, which seems appropriate for a setting like this.
The people who want to travel to Camps Bay in the first place might want to avoid the sort of experience that they will tend to get in the city. Traveling in the city will usually involve sleeping in a hotel and relying on the catering facilities at the hotel. There are urban self-catering facilities, but they are less common in general. The people who are able to enjoy a more suburban vacation might want to really feel like they’re in the suburbs.
The self-catering facilities will make people feel as if they’re living in a new house. Given the proximity to the beach, people will feel as if they’re visiting someone’s gorgeous beach house. They will also be able to feed themselves whenever they want, giving themselves the opportunity to schedule their meals much more effectively in general. Camps Bay has plenty of great self-catering facilities that will make everything better.

Accommodation in Franschhoek South Africa

Let’s face it – staying in hotels in Franschhoek is expensive; not only do you have to pay a lot of money to get a room, you also have to pay extravagant prices for everything that you eat and every facility that you use. This shouldn’t stop you from going on holiday to this wonderful location – you can enjoy holidays on a budget if you stay in a rented property. These properties come in the form of villas or cottages that you can occupy for the duration of your stay in Franschhoek.
When you rent a holiday cottage or villa it comes with everything that you need – it is fully and luxuriously furnished and it has amenities like a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and a hot tub. You will also get a barbecue. It makes sense to bring along friends and family since you have so much room. If you can get them to pitch in towards the cost of the holiday you will drive down costs even further.
The difference between these properties and hotels is that you don’t have hotel staff catering to all your needs – this is one of the reasons why you pay less. You get to prepare your own meals but the properties all come with a fully fitted kitchen so this shouldn’t be too difficult. If you don’t feel up to cooking for your family you can ask the management to provide you with a chef – they have professionals who can prepare all kinds of meals based on different cuisines. You can also get a housekeeper to clean up every day; that way you can get to relax.
Booking a holiday property in Franschhoek is not difficult – just find one that can accommodate all of you and let them know when you will be arriving. We suggest you try Trianon – it is one of the best in the area. You can find out more on

Self Catering Accommodation in Franschhoek

Your decision to go to Franschhoek for your annual holiday is an excellent one – it is one of the top tourist destinations in South Africa and you will get to enjoy a lot of the local attractions, as well as many that are in nearby locations. When the time comes to prepare you may be wondering what you should do to make sure that your self catering holiday is a successful one. Self catering accommodation at Franschhoek is great because not only do you spend less, you enjoy privacy on your own rental property and you have lots of freedom to do whatever you like. Here are some tips to make your trip a success.
•    Make sure to plan for an airport pickup upon arrival. You should talk to the management of your self accommodation property about having a driver waiting for you when you arrive. You should also make arrangements for the same when you are leaving, and a car that you can drive while you are on holiday.
•    Self catering accommodation means that you will be preparing your own meals so make sure that you have all the supplies that you need. There are several ways you can do this. The easiest is to send a shopping list ahead of your arrival and ask the management to buy supplies for you – they may charge you a little extra but it will save you time. Alternatively, after you arrive you can take a couple of hours to visit the local market for fresh supplies. If you are not familiar with the area consider hiring a guide.
•    Make sure that you get a housekeeper to clean up after you every day – you want to be out having fun, not stuck in your self catering villa cleaning up.
Lastly, learn how you can book self catering accommodation at Franschhoek on

Where to Stay in Cape Town Camps Bay

Your family has an important celebration coming up and you want to make it special. You have been thinking of taking everyone for a holiday at Camps Bay but the math doesn’t add up – hotels in this tourist destination are rather expensive, and by the time you pay for rooms for everyone you will not have much money left to have fun. Don’t despair – you can take everyone to Camps bay for a fraction of the cost if you choose self catering accommodation.
Imagine this – your family takes a holiday in a top tourist destination, only instead of being crammed up in a hotel you rent a large property where everyone is comfortable. That is what a self catering hotel is. There are many holiday properties for rent at Camps Bay and they all come tastefully furnished. You will get everything that you would in a hotel, only it will cost you less and you have lots more freedom. These properties re large – you can get a villas with 5 bedrooms if you like – and since each bedroom has at least 2 beds there will be room for everyone to sleep. You also get a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a barbecue pit so that when you don’t want to go out there is plenty for you to do.
The reason why it is called self catering is because you prepare your own meals. As you plan your holiday leave some time aside to get groceries – you can ask the management to provide a guide to take you around to the local market at Camps Bay to get everything that you need. Alternatively you can pay for a chef who will prepare all your meals.

How to Become a Lady Driving Instructor in Norwich

As a woman, learning how to drive is an exciting experience. It’s even more exciting if you are experienced and qualified to train others how to drive, both males and females. Competent driving instructors in Norwich are defined by their decision-making abilities. It’s noted that a majority of female learners prefer to be trained how to drive by lady instructors. What’s more surprising is that even the men are opting for the female instructors.

Both parties argue that the women instructors are more patient with them than their male counterparts. This inspires confidence in them, and they become comfortable in the company of the female instructors. If you are looking forward to making a career as a female driving instructor, you have to get the right training and licensing. It starts with attending a lady driving instructors Norwich school to get the training and certification.

The Driving Instructor’s Course

To become a female instructor, you are required to enrol in a driving instructor’s course. The course comprises three parts:

  • Theory and Hazard Perception Training
  • Driving Ability Training
  • Instructional Ability Training

The three-part course will cost you £1,999. The part 1 training (Theory and Hazard perception) is home-based, and so you can learn at your convenient time. On the other hand, part 2 training (Driving Ability) is field-based, and you will spend at least 10 hours perfecting your driving skills.

The fee that you pay gives you access to a car free of charge for the entire training period. Lastly, the part 3 training (Instructional Ability) requires you to spend 40 hours of learning how to instruct the learners. You also get a car to use for the entire training.


Joining the lady driving instructors’ classes allows you to learn from the best. After completing and passing the three-part course, you are entitled the instructor’s license.




Driving instructor training

Enrolling for driving instructor training can be an excellent way to begin a new career. Being a driving instructor can be a gratifying career. You get enjoy massive satisfaction in your job because you get to help other people learn a crucial skill in life. You also get a chance to make a living out of training other people.

There are many places where one can get driving instructor training. Many driving schools are coming up nowadays, and candidates have to be very careful before enrolling in any class. Do proper research because as the number of trainers increases so is the number of qualified but not skilled trainers. The problem with this is you can be training to become a driving instructor with such trainers is you might take a more extended period to finish, it becomes expensive, and you can end up paying more cash because of the number of classes increases.

Factors to consider before starting driving instructor training

The reputation of the driving school – if you want to become one of the best driving instructors, you have to attend a school with a good reputation. Schools with an excellent reputation tend to have stayed in business for a longer time, and their reviews and feedbacks from their clients are mostly positive. They also higher skilled and experienced trainers that mean you will be getting the best training. They understand your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you will learn faster.

The cost of training – price should always be a crucial thing when it comes to driving instructor training. Still look for schools that are affordable and those that suit your budget. Do not attend a class because you have seen them with the advertisement. Some of these schools just have a good PR team to help recruit new students. You should do proper research to ensure you are enrolling in a program that suits you.

The requirements – ensure that you have all the required qualifications before applying for a training program to become a driving instructor. Ensure that you are of age, you have the background of education needed, you have no traffic crimes, you are of sound mind, and you have passed the criminal check. For instance, most states will require you to be above 21 years and have finished high school education.

In conclusion, we are the leading driving instructor training schools currently. Contact us today for more details.